Why I started the shop

Before I started Endless Transformation, I was changing jobs almost every 6 months. I couldn’t find something that I had passion for. During the COVID-19 quarantine, I lost my job. No one was hiring people because of COVID. After trying to find a job for months I started to think, I don’t want to work for a boss, I want to be my own and I want to do something that points glory to God. God gave me the idea to start a online shop.

So here I am with my shop that sells products with bible verses, motivational quotes and much more.
All to point glory to God!

Savannah Vleugels


We don’t just want to sell products, We want to engage and create friendships by starting a online community.

That’s why we made a Discord.
On the Discord you can ask for prayers, share testimonies, talk to other Christians, get daily music, daily preaching and motivation videos and much more!

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Our Mission

Reach the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.
Spread love.

Our goals

– Get 100 orders
– Ship the products ourselves
– Release 1 or 2 collections a month
– Have a stand at Christian events

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